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Aliou Niang (EENI Professor)

Aliou Niang (Senegal) EENI Global Business School Professor

Aliou Niang, EENI Global Business School Professor, Senegal (West Africa)

Aliou Niang, Senegal (Professor, EENI Business School)

Education (Aliou Niang):

  1. Doctor (PhD) in Law
    1. Sole doctoral thesis in law: multilateral trade rules, World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  2. Jurist in Business (Commercial Lawyer), option International Economic Law.
  3. Holder of a Certificate of Law of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Settlement of International Commercial Disputes in Geneva (Switzerland)

Some publications (Aliou Niang):

  1. Why reform the World Trade Organisation (WTO)? Support elements for global and emerging demand, 2012 gateways
  2. The duality of multilateral trade rules, a challenge to sovereign equality of the United States

Experience (Aliou Niang):

  1. Economic and Research Division of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
    1. Throughout the contract terms, he participated in trade negotiations of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and dispute resolution submitted to the Dispute Settlement Body. It benefited from the Capacity Building Program of International Trade negotiations initiated by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in 2004.
  2. EENI Global Business School. Associate Professor and Doctoral Thesis Director. Since 2016.
  3. Faculty of Law of the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis. Direction of student work.
  4. Bambey University and FJPEC Doctoral School of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD). Professor of Doctorates
  5. Trainer of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), on international trade negotiations and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
  6. Participation in consultancy missions on behalf of the European Union in the 10th EDF at the level of the Commissions of the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). 2012
  7. Associate Expert and Regional Officer for West Africa of the African Agency for Trade and Development (2ACD-Geneva). In 2011, he served as Director of Programs at the African Agency for Information and Cooperation in International Trade (AACICI).

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  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Foreign Trade, International Business
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

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