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Since 2009, the EENI (Business School) offers several Bachelor's Degrees, Masters and Doctorates in International Business in Burkina Faso. The EENI has a high number of alumni and Burkinabe students. For us, the university students of Burkina Faso have an excellent academic education.

Master in International Trade Burkina Hispano-African University

The EENI took advantage of the trip to Burkina to meet with the students of the EENI (Business School) in Burkina Faso (West Africa), all of them were invited to participate and give their opinion on the new Hispano-African University of International Business (HA -University) We also want to thank them for their affection and enthusiasm shown.

The University believes in Africa

In addition, several diplomas were delivered of the Masters and Doctorates in International Business.

Mahamadi Kinda, EENI-Hispano-African University

Mahamadi Kinda (Burkina) Master EENI and S.Fernández

Alix-Arnaud, Master EENI-Hispano-African University

Alix-Arnaud (Burkina) Master EENI and P. Nonell

Students from Burkina EENI-Hispano-African University

Susana Fernández with two Students of Burkina (Clément Lonfo and Christelle Yameogo) receiving the diploma of the Master in International Business
Students of Burkina (Africa)

Ouandaogo Abdoul Karim (Student of the Master University of Ouagadougou & EENI) awarded by the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU).

Abdoul Karim Ouandaogo (Student EENI-Hispano-African University)

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Burkina Faso (Bachelor's Degrees, Masters, Hispano-African University)

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EENI African Students
EENI African Students

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