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International Trade and Business in Cape Verde: Praia, Santiago, Mindelo (Master)

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Cape Verde is a West African insular country

  1. Total Cape Verdean population: 539,000 inhabitants
  2. The capital of Cape Verde is Praia (Santiago island)
    1. Nelson-Mandela Airport
  3. The second city of Cape Verde is Mindelo (São Vicente island)
    1. 70,000 inhabitants
    2. Mindelo is the capital of the Cape Verdean culture
    3. São Pedro International Airport
    4. Cesária Évora (Cape Verdean singer) was born in 1941 in Mindelo
  4. Distance from Cape Verde to Senegal: 560 kilometres
  5. The Cape Verdean economy is based mainly on tourism
  6. Cape Verde is one of the most democratic African countries
  7. Currency of Cape Verde: the Cape Verdean escudo

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Main Cape Verdean ethnicity: Creole
  2. Official language of Cape Verde: Portuguese
  3. Cape Verdean Creole
    1. 920,000 Cape Verdean speak Cape Verdean Creole
  4. French and English are taught at Cape Verdean high school
  5. Total Cape Verdean area: 4,033 square kilometres
  6. Calling code of Cape Verde: 238
  7. Country code top-level domain of Cape Verde: .cv
  8. Catholicism (Christianity): 90% of the Cape Verdean population

Cape Verde is an archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean composed by ten volcanic islands:

Business in Cape Verde (Master, Doctorate)

Sotavento Islands of Cape Verde (leeward):

  1. Brava: 67 square kilometres
  2. Fogo (San Filipe): 476 square kilometres
  3. Santiago: 50% of the Cape Verdean population, Praia, 991 square kilometres
  4. Maio: 269 square kilometres

Barlavento Islands of Cape Verde (windward islands):

  1. Boa Vista: Aristides-Pereira Airport, 620 square kilometres
  2. Sal: Airport Amílcar-Cabral, 216 square kilometres
  3. São Nicolau: 388 square kilometres
  4. Santa Luzia: 45 square kilometres
  5. São Vicente: Cesária-Évora Airport, 227 square kilometres
  6. São Antão: 779 square kilometres

Economic Integration Organisations (Cape Verde)

  1. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States (e-Master)

  1. African Union
  2. New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
  3. Economic Commission for Africa
  4. African Development Bank

History of Cape Verde

  1. 1456: arrival of the Portuguese
  2. Slave Trade and triangular trade
  3. Independence of Cape Verde from Portugal: 1975
  4. The first President of Cape Verde: Aristides Pereira

Higher Education in Cape Verde

  1. University of Cape Verde
  2. University Jean Piaget of Cape Verde
  3. Higher Institute of Economic and Commercial Sciences
  4. University of Mindelo

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