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Control of Knowledge (eLearning Training)

Control of Knowledge of the Bachelor of Science and Masters of EENI Global Business School

The control of knowledge of the Bachelor's and Masters of Science of EENI is organised around subjects.

Each learning unit or subject, has a continuous evaluation tests (exercises of each subject, sent by the training platform - e-Campus-) and/or final exams.

Verification of knowledge includes two semi-annual control sessions:

  1. The first session, called the normal session, includes all the continuous controls (exercises, assignments, exams, etc.) carried out for all the constituent elements of the subjects.
  2. The second session of each semester, called the recovery session, must be made by those students who have not obtained the required average, thus allowing them to recover the subject.

Those students who have not complied with the conditions of administrative or educational registration can not be evaluated.

Bachelor of Science

A jury will have to validate the work of the end of the degree by presenting under the current regulations. No student can send their end-of-degree work without validation of all semesters.

The degree is awarded to students who have passed and validated all semesters. The degree is obtained after passing the 180 ECTS (60 for the L3), and will bear the name of the mention and specialisation.


The thesis of the master has to be presented in compliance with current regulations. A jury appointed in accordance with the regulations will have to validate the thesis. No student can present their end-of-degree work without the validation of all semesters.

E-learning Master / Doctorate in African Business

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A learning unit (subject) is validated if the obtained grade is 10/20. When a learning unit is composed of several constituent elements, it will be validated if all its elements are validated.

The compensation between subjects is not allowed. All subjects must be validated.

A semester is validated if all the subjects of this semester are validated individually. It grants the right to recognition of 30 ECTS.

The mentions according to the quality of the student's work are attached to the title:

  1. Pass: general average of at least 10/20 and less than 12/20
  2. Good: general average of at least 12/20 and less than 14/20
  3. Very Good: overall average of at least 14/20 and less than 16/20
  4. Excellent: overall average of at least 16/20 and less than 18/20
  5. Outstanding: overall average of at least 18/20


  1. ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

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