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Professional Doctorates in International Business (DIB, E-Learning Online)

E-learning Doctorates (EENI Global Business School)

Courses, Masters and Doctorates taught by EENI Global Business School

EENI Global Business School offers 8 Professional Doctorates in International Business (180 ECTS, eLearning education):

  1. Professional Doctorate in African Business
  2. Professional Doctorate in Ethics, Religions and International Business
  3. Professional Doctorate in European Business
  4. Professional Doctorate in Islamic Business
  5. Professional Doctorate in American Business
  6. Professional Doctorate in Asian Business
  7. Professional Doctorate in World Trade
  8. Professional Doctorate in Global Transport and Logistics

Africa EENI Global Business School & University

African Student Master in Business, Master in Foreign Trade

Professional Doctorates in Business of EENI Global Business School:

  1. Registration fees: €100/CFA Francs 65,595
  2. Tuition Fees: €1,000/year/CFA Francs 655,957
  3. Possibility of financing the Doctorate
  4. Languages of the Doctorates: Study Master International Business in English Doctorate in International Business (or Study Master Business in Spanish Doctorados en Negocios Internacionales Study Master Business in French Doctorats in Affaires International Study Master International Trade in Portuguese Doutoramentos em Negócios Internacionais)

Higher Education for all the Africans at affordable prices

Credits of the Doctorate: 180 ECTS

  1. ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
  2. CECT = Capitalisable and Transferable Evaluation Credit (CAMES)

Structure of the Professional Doctorate Program in International Business (eLearning):

Structure of the Doctorates in International Business

The diploma of Doctorate will be awarded after the evaluation:

  1. On the participation of the doctoral student in the subjects
  2. Of their research (the doctoral student must select the most appropriate subjects for the thesis)
  3. And the defence of his thesis

Burkinabe Students (Business, Masters, Doctorates)

After the defence of the thesis, the doctoral students will obtain the diploma of Professional Doctorate in International Business (DIB) specialisation... issued by EENI Global Business School, Spain (European Union).

Spain: History, culture, Spanish, Technology, Business, democracy, education

More information about the Professional Doctorates in International Business of EENI Global Business School:

  1. Modality: Distance education (e-learning) through the EENI E-campus
  2. Continuous evaluation of the Doctorate
  3. You can begin the Doctorate anytime and anywhere thanks to our continuous enrolment system.

Director of Doctorates: Susana Fernández (Spain)
Genevieve Barro (Professor, EENI Business School University)

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