Oussama Bouazizi, Tunisia (Professor, HA University)

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Oussama Bouazizi, Tunisia (professor of the Hispano-African University)

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Oussama Bouazizi (Tunisia) professor of the Hispano-African University of International Business

Tunisia: Bachelor's Degree, Masters, Doctorates Oussama Bouazizi, Professor of the Hispano-African University of Tunisia (Maghreb)

Oussama Bouazizi, Tunisia (Professor, HA University)

Education (Oussama Bouazizi):

  1. Doctorate in International Business. EENI (Business School), Tarragona, Spain. 2017
    1. Mention: Magna Cum Laude
  2. Professional Master in International Trade and Marketing. EENI (Business School), Tarragona, Spain 2014
  3. Master in Transport Management and Logistics. Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics. Sousse, Tunis 2008
  4. Bachelor of Science and Technology of Transport and Logistics. Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics / Sousse, Tunisia. 2007

Professional Experience (Oussama Bouazizi):

CMA CGM (Maritime Company of Charters - General Maritime Company)

  1. Commercial Director CMA CGM in Saudi Arabia.
    1. October 2015 to date
    2. Location: Saudi Arabia
  2. Head of PCR Equipment and container controller. Trainer: Unification project - Malta Agency
    1. August 2015
    2. Location: Malta
    3. Cooperation with the General Director to develop the new subsidiary CMA CGM in Malta
    4. Container control backlog
    5. Improvement of the customer service and the service delivery procedure.
  3. Sales Director (Libya)
    1. October 2014 - May 2015
    2. Place: Tripoli, Libya
    3. Direction of sales and marketing activities in all Libyan ports / branches: Tripoli, Khoms, Misurata, Benghazi and Tobrouk.
  4. Deputy branch director (Libya)
    1. May 2013 - October 2014
    2. Place: Benghazi, Libya
    3. Co-manage, with the Branch Manager, a team of 25 people: human resources planning, transportation, customs clearance, export, import, sales, marketing, customer service...
  5. Director of the Department of Expeditions (Libya)
    1. May 2008 - May 2013
    2. Place: Misurata, Libya
    3. Director of Operations, Sales, Customer Service and Delivery Services
    4. Administration of a team of 19 employees.

Oxylane Group (Decathlon) (Tunisia)

  1. Director of Export and Logistics
  2. May 2011 - November 2011
  3. Place: Sousse, Tunisia
  4. Departments under control: logistics, international trade (exports and imports), warehousing, customs clearance and transport planning.

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