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Raquel Paul Caballero, Cuba (EENI Professor)

Raquel Paul Caballero, Cuba (professor at EENI Global Business School)

Raquel Paul Caballero EENI Global Business School Professor (Cuba)

Raquel Paul Caballero, Cuba (Professor, EENI Business School University)

Education (Raquel Paul Caballero):

  1. Professional Doctorate in Ethics, Religions and International Business. EENI Global Business School Spain.
  2. Industrial Chemical Analyst. Cuba.
  3. Psychology course in commercial advertising, commercial management and public relations. Cuba.
  4. Diploma in universal history. Eastern University (Cuba).
  5. Master of Science in International Relations, Foreign Trade and International Law. Higher Institute of Law (ISDE), Spain
    Bilingual and intercultural pedagogical trainings. Germany Free University of Berlin - University of Valencia, Spain.
  6. Master of Science in Spanish as a Foreign Language / Spain (Fidescu)
  7. Mentor Coaching Education. University of Humboldt (Germany)

Experience (Raquel Paul Caballero):

  1. Analyst of Industrial Laboratory / Analyst of the Oil Industry, Cuba
  2. Analyst researcher, solar energy research centre / Cuba.
  3. Professor of Political Science, History and Spanish, European Bilingual School (Spanish-German) in Berlin, Germany.

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