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Mbaïki (the Florida, Mbaki or M'Baiki) is the capital of the prefecture of Lobaye, South-West of the Central African Republic (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Mbaïki: 25,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activities of Mbaïki: Wood industry, coffee and forestry
  3. Main ethnicities of Mbaïki: Pygmy and Lobaye
  4. Main religion of Mbaïki: Christianity
    1. Catholic Diocese of Mbaïki
  5. Bordering communes: Nola, Pissa, Mbaïki, Mbata and Moboma Balé-Loko

Distances from Mbaïki to:

  1. Bangui (Bimbo): 107 kilometres
  2. Boda: 85 kilometres
  3. Mongoumba: 82 kilometres
  4. Pissa: 38 kilometres

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Business in the Central African Republic, Bangui. Central African International Trade. Mining (gold, diamonds)

  1. 1905: creation of Mbaïki
  2. 1911: German colony of Neukamerun (treaty Morocco-Congo)
  3. 1914: French colony of the Middle-Congo

Access to the port of Douala

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad (Maritime Transport Course)

Lobaye prefecture (Central African Republic)

Mbaïki is the capital of the Lobaye prefecture (South-West of the Central African Republic)

  1. Population of the Lobaye prefecture: 306,000 inhabitants
  2. Area of the Lobaye prefecture: 19,235 square kilometres
  3. Subprefecture:
    1. Boda
    2. Boganangone
    3. Boganda
    4. Mbaïki
    5. Mongoumba
  4. Borders of the Lobaye prefecture:
    1. Democratic Republic of the Congo (South-Ubangi)
    2. Republic of the Congo (Likouala)
  5. Contiguous Prefectures: Mambéré-Kadéï, Ombella-M'Poko and Sangha-Mbaéré
  6. Main ethnicities: Ngbaka, Gbaya, Monjombo, Isongo and Bofi
  7. Other important cities of the Lobaye prefecture are Boda and Mongoumba, near the Ubangi river.
  8. The majority of the inhabitants are coffee producers.
  9. David Dacko, former president of the Central African Republic is originally from the prefecture of Lobaye.

Higher Education in Mbaïki (Central African Republic)

  1. Higher Institute of Rural Development (ISDR)

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