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Business in Abéché (Ouaddaï) Chad

Foreign Trade and Business in Abéché (Chad, Ouaddaï)

The city of Abéché is the fourth city of the Republic of Chad (Central Africa), after N'Djamena, Moundou and Sarh

  1. Abéché in Arabic: أبشي
  2. Population of Abéché: 79,000 inhabitants
    1. 1909: 28,000 inhabitants (the largest of Chad)
    2. 1988: 40,000 inhabitants
    3. 1993: 54,628 inhabitants

Economy of Abéché (Chad)

  1. Abéché is the third economic city of Chad
  2. Abéché is the humanitarian aid delivery center for 240,000 refugees from Darfur who live in twelve camps east of the city, in the border region with Sudan.
  3. Main economic activities in Abéché: trade, livestock, dried fish, Arabic gum, dates, salt...
  4. Abéché has an important meat market
  5. Important Road traffic with Sudan
  6. Abéché is an important caravan crossroad between Chad, Sudan and Libya
  7. Camel hair blankets production

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Foreign Trade and Business in Abéché (Foreign Trade)


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  1. Abeche is the hottest city in Chad
  2. Abéché is the capital of the Ouaddaï region (East Chad)
  3. Department: Ouara

Transport and Logistics in Abéché (Chad)

Main Roads linking with the capital (N'Djamena), Sarh and Sudan

Distances from Abéché to:

  1. N'Djamena: 749 kilometres
  2. Mondou: 1.226 kilometres
  3. Sarh: 804 kilometres

African Corridors:

road Transafricana N'Djamena-Djibouti

  1. N'Djamena-Djibouti
  2. Dakar-N'Djamena
  3. Algiers-Lagos
  4. Tripoli-Windhoek

Abéché Airport

Ouaddaï Region (East Chad)

The capital of the Ouaddaï Region is Abéché.

  1. Population of the Ouaddaï Region: 732,000 inhabitants
  2. Area: 29,980 km²
  3. Main ethnicities: Maba and Arabs
  4. Subsistence agriculture is the pillar of the economy of the Ouaddaï region

Departments of the Ouaddaï Region (capital/subprefecture):

  1. Abdi (Abdi, Abdi, Abkar Djombo, Biyeré)
  2. Assoungha (Adré/Adré, Borota, Hadjer Hadid, Mabrone, Molou, Tourane)
  3. Ouara (Abéché/Abéché, Abougoudam, Amleyouna, Bourtaïl, Chokoyan, Gurry, Marfa)

Contiguous regions of the Ouaddaï Region:

  1. Wadi Fira
  2. Batha
  3. Sila

The Ouaddaï Region share borders with Sudan (Darfur Western).

Ouara department (East of Chad)

The capital of the Ouara department is Abéché

Subprefectures of the Ouara department:

  1. Abéché
  2. Abougoudam
  3. Chokoyan
  4. Bourtaïl
  5. Amleyouna
  6. Gurry
  7. Marfa

History of Abéché (Chad)

  1. Abéché was an important enclave of the Arab slave route
  2. The city of Abéché became the capital of the Sultanat Wadai in 1890, after the drying up of the wells of Ouara, the former capital.
  3. 1909: French invasion
  4. On November 25, 2006, Abéché was taken by the Union of Forces for Democracy, a rebel group that sought to overthrow President Idriss Deby. A day later, Abéché was taken by the Chadian army.
  5. On October 30, 2007, Abéché attracted international attention when 17 French volunteers who worked for the charity Zoé's Ark were arrested for alleged kidnappings.

Higher Education in Abéché (Chad)

  1. University Adam Barka
  2. University Institute of Science and Techniques (IUSTA)

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