Thierry Somda: Director for La Francophonie of EENI & HA University

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SOMDA Béliournibé Jean Thierry: Director for La Francophonie of EENI Business School & HA University

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Jean Thierry Somda (EENI Business School & HA University)


  1. 2017: Doctoral studies in International Business, EENI School of Business
  2. 2012: Diploma in Business with Multilateral Institutions, EENI- School of Business
  3. 2007: Professional Master in International Trade, EENI (Spain)
  4. 1998: Senior technician, International Trade option at the Higher School of Applied Sciences (ESSA)

CV Thierry Somda (Director for La Francophonie of EENI Business School & HA University): Competencies, Professional Experience, Professor, Consultancy and Training, Missions, Motivation Letter

Principle of Racial Harmony of EENI Business School & HA University

Principle of Racial Harmony (University, Kwegyir Aggrey)

Hobbies and collaborations with organisations:

  1. Regular sports practice: Taekwondo (black belt 2nd DAN), walking
  2. Infographic Designer (awarded several times: designer of the Burkina Faso President's trophy for the SIAO, author of several logos for organisations)
  3. Member of the GESBEOGO association that works for the development of young people through the practice of sports and culture.
  4. Founding member of the Youth Association Against AIDS (AJLS).
  5. Member of the National Network of Scouts and Adult Guides of Burkina (RENASAB) - West Africa.

Meeting with the Minister of Education of Burkina

From left to right, T. Somda, Sessouma (General Director of Universities of Burkina), Susana Fernández, the Minister of Higher Education Alkassoum Maiga and Pedro Nonell

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CV Thierry Somda (Training Portal EENI/HA University)

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