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Port of Banjul, Serekunda (Gambia, Foreign Trade), Kanifing, peanuts

Banjul is the capital, economic, administrative and the educational centre of the Gambia (West Africa)

  1. Population of Banjul: 31,000 people
  2. The main economic activities of Banjul are trade, tourism and peanut transformation
  3. The Headquarters of the Central Bank of the Gambia are in Banjul
  4. Cement Plant Gacem
  5. The Port of Banjul is the largest Gambian port (imports and exports): wood, Palm oil, Bee wax, peanuts...
  6. Banjul is on the Island of St Mary's (Island of Banjul)
  7. The Gambia River offers not only an important internal Foreign Trade, Transport but also an international commercial link
  8. Dakar-Lagos Corridor. Roads to:
    1. Road: Banjul-Serrekunda (Denton Bridge)
    2. Senegal (Dakar and Ziguinchor)
      1. Distance Dakar-Banjul: 279 kilometres
    3. Guinea-Bissau (Bissau)
  9. Banjul International Airport (24 kilometres)
  10. Gambian Region: Greater Banjul (524,000 people)
  11. The two districts of Banjul are Banjul and Kanifing
  12. Border of Banjul with Senegal (Kaolak)

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  1. Banjul = Bang julo in Mande (Mandinka)
  2. Slave Trade
  3. 1816: foundation of Banjul by the British (Bathurst)
  4. Gambian National Museum
  5. Main religion in Banjul: Islam
  6. Banjul has two cathedrals and several large mosques

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  1. The city of Serekunda (“the house of the Sayer family”) is the largest city of the Gambia.
  2. Distance Serekunda-Banjul: 13 kilometres (South-West)
  3. Population of Serekunda: 348,000 inhabitants

Higher Education in Banjul

  1. University of the Gambia (Banjul)
  2. American International University of West Africa
  3. University EUCLID
  4. International Community College
  5. Technical Training Institute of The Gambia

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