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Trade and Business in Dakar (Senegal)

Foreign Trade and Business in Dakar: political and economic capital of Senegal

Doing Business in Dakar (Ndakaaru, Senegal), Plateau, Wolof. Doctorates and Masters in Global Trade

Dakar is the political, Logistics (Port of Dakar) and economic capital of Senegal (West Africa)

  1. Population of Dakar: 1.3 million Dakarian (the first most populated Senegalese city, 25% of the population of Senegal)
    1. Population of the Dakar agglomeration: 3.3 million Dakarian
  2. Dakarian industrial sector: chemicals industries and agrifood, textiles, furniture and construction materials manufacture, cement production
  3. Dakar-Plateau: headquarters of the largest Dakarian companies
  4. The headquarters of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) or the Fundamental Institute of Black Africa are in Dakar
  5. Dak'Arte (contemporary art); World Festival of Black Arts

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Foreign Trade and Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade) Senegal (Dakar)

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Aliou Niang: EENI Professor of Senegal

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Port of Dakar, Senegal. Access to Mali, Maritime Transport Course


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  1. Dakar was the former capital of French West Africa (1902 - 1958) formed by Ivory Coast, Dahomey (Benin), Guinea, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), Niger, Mauritania, Senegal, French Sudan (Mali) and Togo
  2. Gorée Island (Slave Trade centre), is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  3. Dakar in Wolof: Ndakaaru
  4. Senegalese Region: Dakar
  5. Dakar is the County capital of the Dakar Department
  6. The main languages in Dakar are French and Wolof

Foreign Trade and Business in Dakar (Foreign Trade)

Transport and Logistics in Dakar (Senegal):

Port of Dakar

The main cities near the Port of Dakar (Senegal):

  1. Gambia: Banjul (279 kilometres)
  2. Guinea-Bissau: Bissau, Farin
  3. Mali: Kayes, Bamako
  4. Mauritania: Nouakchott
  5. Senegal: Dakar, Thiès, Ballou, Kaolak, Ziguinchor, Kolda, Kédougou, Tambacounda, Touba, Saint-Louis

Foreign Trade and Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade)

Access to the Dakar-Lagos Corridor

Access to the Malian market

  1. Railway: Dakar-Thiès-Kayes-Bamako-Koulikoro (Mali)-Niger
  2. Senegalese warehouse in Mali

Thiès-Dakar Highway

Distances from Dakar to:

  1. Pikine: 15 kilometres
  2. Touba: 194 kilometres
  3. Guédiawaye: 15 kilometres
  4. Thiès: 70 kilometres
  5. Kaolak: 192 kilometres
  6. M'bour: 80 kilometres
  7. Rufisque: 25 kilometres
  8. Saint-Louis: 264 kilometres
  9. Ziguinchor: 444 kilometres

Dakar Airports

  1. Dakar-Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
  2. Blaise-Diagne International Airport

Communes of Dakar district (Senegal)

  1. Biscuiterie
  2. Cambérène
  3. Dieuppeul-Derklé
  4. Fann-Point E-Amitié
  5. Gueule Tapée-Fass-Colobane
  6. Gorée
  7. Gran Yoff
  8. Gran Dakar
  9. Hann Bel-Air
  10. HLM
  11. Médina
  12. Mermoz-sagrado-Cœur
  13. Ngor
  14. Ouakam
  15. Parcelles Assainies
  16. Patte de Oie
  17. Dakar-Plateau
  18. Sicap-Liberté
  19. Yoff

Higher Education in Dakar (Senegal)

  1. University Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar)
  2. University of the Sahel
  3. University Dakar Bourguiba
  4. University Amadou Hampaté Ba
  5. University Euro-Africa
  6. University Elhadji Ibrahima Niasse

Léopold Sédar Senghor (Senegalese poet, intellectual and politician)

Leopold Sédar Senghor Senegal

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