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Business in Kayes (Mali)

International Trade and Business in Kayes (Karré), Sadiola, Bafoulabé (Master Mali)

Doing Business in Kayes, Nioro of the Sahel, Diéma, Yélimané, Kéniéba, Kita (Mali, Master in Foreign Trade)

The city (commune) of Kayes (the pressure cooker of Africa) is the capital of the Kayes region of the Republic of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Population of Kayes: 137,000 inhabitants (67,424 inhabitants in 1998)
    1. Population density of Kayes: 6.2 inhabitants /square kilometres
  2. Important Road traffic connecting Bamako with Dakar (Senegal)
  3. Distance Kayes-Bamako: 495 kilometres
  4. Kayes Dag Dag International Airport
    1. Links to Bamako and Paris
  5. Dakar-Niger Railway (Dakar, Thiès, Tambacounda, Kayes, Kita, Kati, Bamako, Koulikoro)
  6. Kayes = Karré in Soninke
  7. Kayes it is on the river bank of the Senegal River

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Business in Kayes (Master), Mali


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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Area of Kayes: 22,190 square kilometres
  2. Circle: Kayes (Mali)
  3. Foundation of Kayes: 1880 (by Guessé Sifdi Diallo, King Khassonké)
  4. Interesting place: Tata of Koniakary (El Hadj Omar), Colonial buildings of Kayes (Malian cultural heritage)

Kayes region (first administrative Malian region)

The city of Kayes (Mali) is the county capital of the Kayes region

  1. Main cities of the region: Kayes, Nioro du Sahel, Diéma, Yélimané, Sadiola, Bafoulabé, Kéniéba and Kita.
  2. Area of the Kayes region: 120,760 square kilometres
  3. Population of the Kayes region: 1,9 million inhabitants
  4. Main ethnicities: Soninke, Khassonké, Malinke (Mandinka), Moors, Fula and Bambara.
  5. Main languages: Bambara, Khassonké, Soninke and Fula
  6. Main resources of the Kayes region: minerals (gold, diamonds, iron)
  7. Gold Mines in Sadiola and Yatela
  8. Main land axes (by Road):
    1. Dakar (Senegal)-Kayes
    2. Nouakchott (Mauritania)-Kayes
    3. Kayes-Diema-Bamako
  9. Contiguous region: Koulikoro
  10. Borders: Guinea, Mauritania and Senegal.
  11. 19th Century: Kingdom of Khasso
Circles of the Kayes region (Mali):
  1. Bafoulabé
  2. Diéma
  3. Kayes
  4. Kéniéba
  5. Kita
  6. Nioro of the Sahel
  7. Yélimané

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