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Bambara: people of Mali, Burkina Faso

5.6 million Bambara (Mandinka). Doctorate Africa

Bambara: Niger, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast. Doctorate in Business in Africa

Bambara (Mandinka) people live in the Sahelian region (West Africa)

  1. Bambara or Banmana: “those who refused to submit” (to the Mali Empire)
  2. Mali is the country with the largest Bambara population
    1. Bambara is the mayor Malian ethnic group
    2. Bambara live in:
      1. Centre-East of Mali
      2. Ségou and Niono
      3. Bélédougou (Bamako)
      4. Kaarta (Kita, Nioro, Koulikoro)
      5. Sikasso
  3. Others countries with significant Bambara populations are:
    1. Burkina Faso
    2. Ivory Coast
    3. Guinea
    4. Gambia
    5. Guinea-Bissau
    6. Mauritania
    7. Niger
    8. Senegal
  4. The language of the Bambara is Bambara (Niger-Congolese Language, Mande branch)
    1. Bambara is the main language of Mali (50% of the Malian people)
  5. The main religions of the Bambara are Sunni Islam and the Bambara traditional religion (God: Maa Ngala)

The Bambara puppet (Bamana) of Mali, used in various rituals to amuse the public (Source: Jesús Arjona Muñoz, African Art Exhibition: “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”):
Bambara puppet Bamana, Mali


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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Bambara groups:
    1. Diawaras
    2. Diakhankés
    3. Dyula
    4. Khassonké
    5. Malinke
    6. Mandinka
    7. Minianka
    8. Susu
  2. Some patronymics of Bambaraː Coulibaly, Diarra, Dembélé, Keita, Sakhanokho or Traoré
  3. 19th Century: Bambara Kingdom of Ségou and Kaarte

Mask Bambara of Lion (Source: Jesús Arjona Muñoz):
Mask Bambara of Lion, Mali

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