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Business in Bamako (Mali)

International Trade and Business in Bamako: the sixth city in the world by rhythm of urban growth (Master Mali)

Doing Business in Bamako (Mali). River port on the Niger River, Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

Bamako (district) is the capital and the economic centre of the Republic of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Population of Bamako: 3.3 million inhabitants (is the largest city of Mali and the sixth city in the world by rhythm of urban growth)
  2. Population density of Bamako: 1,115 inhabitants/square kilometres
  3. Area of Bamako: 267 square kilometres
  4. Bamako is on the Niger River banks
    1. River port on the Niger River
  5. Railway: Dakar-Bamako (Kati, Négala, Kita, Kayes)
  6. Road links to Koulikoro, Kati, Kolokani, Ségou and Sikasso
  7. Bamako-Sénou International Airport
  8. Bamako = “marigot of the crocodile” in Bambara

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Business in Bamako (Master, Doctorate)


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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Climate of Bamako: tropical
  2. International Percussion Festival of Bamako
  3. Foundation of Bamako by Niaré (end of 16th century, Simballa Niakaté)
  4. French Penetration (1883)

Distances from Bamako to:

  1. Kayes (Mali): 495 kilometres
  2. Kidal (Mali): 1,566 kilometres
  3. Gao (Mali): 1,000 kilometres
  4. Ségou (Mali): 240 kilometres
  5. Sikasso (Mali): 375 kilometres
  6. Koulikoro (Mali): 59 kilometres
  7. Timbuktu (Mali): 1,000 kilometres
  8. Mopti (Mali): 634 kilometres
  9. Dakar (Senegal): 1,000 kilometres
  10. Abidjan (Ivory Coast): 1,000 kilometres
  11. Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): 850 kilometres
  12. Guinean Border (Guinea): 120 kilometres

Higher Education in Bamako (Mali)

  1. Bamako University of Badalabougou Hill
  2. University of Letters and Human Sciences of Bamako
  3. University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako
  4. University of Law and Policy Sciences of Bamako
  5. University Institute of Management
  6. National School of Engineering
  7. National Institute for Training of Social Workers
  8. Higher School of Higher Technological and Commercial Studies

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