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The city (commune) of Gao is the county capital of the Gao region of the Republic of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Population of Gao: 86,000 inhabitants
  2. Gao is on the Niger River
    1. Gao is a Trans-Saharan and River caravan centre
  3. Circle: Gao
  4. Distances to:
    1. Bamako: 1,000 kilometres
    2. Niamey (Niger): 500 kilometres
  5. Gao Korogoussou International Airport
  6. Malian Navigation Company (Niger River): Koulikoro-Gao
  7. African Arts Museum

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  1. Gao Foundation: 7th century
  2. 10th Century: foundation of the Gao Empire (Koukia) by Songhai
  3. 1325: Conquest of Gao by the Malian Empire
  4. 1464: Songhai Empire (Sonni Ali Ber)
  5. 1591: invasion of Gao by the Moroccans (destruction of Gao)
  6. 2012: Tuareg insurrection, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) controls Gao
  7. The Tomb of Askias (Askia Mohamed, Songhai Emperor , 1495) is a UNESCO world heritage site

Gao region (seventh Malian administrative region)

The city of Gao is the County capital of the Gao region

  1. The Niger River crosses the Gao region
  2. Circles of the Gao region: Ansongo, Bourem, Gao and Ménaka
  3. Area of the Gao region: 170,572 square kilometres
  4. Population of the Gao region: 544,000 inhabitants
  5. The main ethnicities of the Gao region are Songhai, Bozo, Tuareg and Bambara
  6. Contiguous regions: Kidal and Timbuktu
  7. Border of the Gao region with Niger

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