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Songhai: people of Mali, Benin and Niger

5.7 million Songhai (Niger River). Sunni Muslims. Doctorate in Business in Africa

Songhai (Ethnic group) lives in the Niger River Valley (Mali, Benin and Niger - West Africa)

  1. Soninke, Malinke (Mandinka), Fula, Tuareg and Gourmantché (Gurma) form the Songhai group
  2. Songhai groups:
    1. Arma (Moroccan origin)
    2. Zarma (Niger)
    3. Kourtey (miscegenation between Fula and Songhai, in Mali and Niger)
  3. The culture of the Songhai is very similar to Zarma, Dendi, Mandinka and Tuareg people
  4. Three million people speak Songhai language (Nile-Saharan origin) in Mali, Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Algeria
  5. Songhai are mostly Sunni Muslims
  6. 1009: Dynasty Dia
  7. End of the 15th century - 16th century: Songhai Empire.
    1. Expansion of the Songhai Empire: Niger, Mali, Guinea and Senegal
    2. Soni Ali King (1464 - 1492)
    3. Askia Mohamed (1493 - 1528)
    4. 1591: conquest by the Moroccans. Collapse of the Songhai Empire

The Nigerien Historian (Songhai) HE Boubou Hama
Boubou Hama (Niger)


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