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International Trade and Business in Timbuktu (Mali): UNESCO World Heritage

Foreign Trade and Business in Timbuktu. Diré, Niafunk (Mali). Tuareg and Songhai, Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

The city (commune) of Timbuktu (Tin-Buktu) is the capital of the Timbuktu region of the Republic of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Population of Timbuktu (The city of the 333 Saints): 54,453 inhabitants
  2. Distance Timbuktu-Bamako: 1,000 kilometres
  3. Main ethnicities of Timbuktu: Tuareg, Songhai and Arabs
  4. Timbuktu is on the Niger River banks
  5. Circle: Timbuktu
  6. Timbuktu is a Saharan city
  7. Climate of Timbuktu: desert-warm
  8. Timbuktu International Airport

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Business in Timbuktu, Mali (Master)


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  1. Timbuktu is a UNESCO world heritage site
  2. Several places classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO
  3. Mansa Moussa (Emperor of Mand) in the 14th century built the Djingareyber Mosque
  4. XV century: Timbuktu had 100,000 inhabitants.
    1. Islamic University of Sankoré (Timbuktu) had 25,000 students
  5. 1458: Sonni Ali Ber (Songhai Emperor) conquered Timbuktu
  6. 16th Century: economic prosperity of Timbuktu.
    1. Trade centre between the Maghreb and Sudan.
    2. Maghreb
  7. 1590: end of the Songhai Empire
  8. Ahmed-Baba Documentation and Research Centre (Manuscripts of Timbuktu)
  9. 2012: insurrection of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA)
  10. Intervention of the French Navy (Serval Operation)

Timbuktu region (sixth administrative region of Mali)

The city of Timbuktu is the county capital of the Timbuktu region

  1. Main economic activities: agriculture and tourism (before the Malian war, 2012)
  2. Population of the Timbuktu region: 681,691 inhabitants
  3. Circles of the Timbuktu region: Timbuktu, Diré, Niafunké, Goundam and Gourma-Rharous
  4. Area of the Timbuktu region: 497,926 square kilometres
  5. Main language of the Timbuktu region: Tamasheq
  6. Desert climate
  7. Contiguous regions: Ségou, Mopti, Gao and Kidal
  8. Borders: Algeria (Adrar Wilaya) and Mauritania (Oualata)

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