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Trade and Business in Koulikoro (Mali): one of the more industrialised Malian cities

Trade and Business in Koulikoro, Port on the Niger River (Mali, Master in Foreign Trade and Global Marketing). Bambara

The city (commune) of Koulikoro is the capital of the Koulikoro region (Mandinka Country) of the Republic of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Population of Koulikoro: 43,174 inhabitants
  2. Distances to Bamako: 59 kilometres
  3. Dakar-Niger Railway
  4. Koulikoro is an important Port on the Niger River
  5. Koulikoro is one of the more industrialised Malian cities
    1. Shipbuilding industry
    2. Malian Navigation Company (Ségou, Mopti, Timbuktu and Gao)
    3. Mali olive oil mill

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Business in Koulikoro (Master), Mali

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Main ethnic group of Koulikoro: Bambara
  2. Circle: Koulikoro
  3. Historical battle (1235) between Sundjata Keïta (King of Mande) and Soumaoro Kanté (King of Sosso)
  4. Foundation: 18th century by Dioba Diarra (Bambara)

Koulikoro Region (Mali)

  1. The city of Koulikoro is the county capital of the Koulikoro region (Mali)
  2. Main cities of the region: Kati, Koulikoro, Kolokani, Nara, Banamba and Dioïla
  3. Bamako is located in the centre of the Koulikoro region, but it is a different administrative entity
  4. Circles of the Koulikoro region: are Banamba, Dioïla, Kangaba, Kati, Kolokani, Koulikoro and Nara
  5. Area of the Koulikoro region: 90,120 square kilometres
  6. Population of the Koulikoro region: 2.4 million inhabitants
  7. Main ethnicities of Koulikoro: Bambara, Malinke (Mandinka) and Somonos
  8. Main language of the Koulikoro region: Bambara
  9. Climate: Sudanese
  10. Main roads:
    1. Nouakchott (Mauritania)-Koulikoro axe
    2. Dakar (Senegal)-Koulikoro axe
    3. Koulikoro-Diema-Bamako axe
  11. Main economic activities: agriculture and industry
  12. Gold industries in Kangaba
  13. Contiguous regions: Kayes, Sikasso and Ségou
  14. Borders: Mauritania and Guinea
  15. Baoulé Loop Biosphere Reserve
  16. The Malian musician Salif Keïta, was born in Djoliba (Koulikoro region) in 1949
  17. Ghana Empire
  18. Kingdom of Sosso
  19. Mali Empire (the east region was the cradle of the Mali Empire)

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