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Bozo (Mandinka): people of Mali, Niger

Bozo People (the Masters of the river, fishing, Niger). Doctorate Business in Africa

The Bozo people (Mandinka, “the Masters of the river”) lives in the Sahelian region of West Africa

  1. Mali and Niger (Niger River) are the countries with the largest population of the Bozo
  2. The language of the Bozo is Bozo (Niger-Congolese, Mande)
    1. 132,000 people speak Bozo
    2. In Mali, Bozo-tiéyaxo is a national language
  3. Main religions of the Bozo are:
    1. Sunni Islam
    2. African Traditional Religions
  4. Many of the Bozo are semi-nomadic
  5. The main economic activity of the Bozo is fishing
  6. Origin of the Bozo: Neolithic (cave paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer, border between Mali and Algeria)
  7. 10th Century: the Bozo belonged to the Ghana Empire
  8. The Bozo created the cities of Djenné and Mopti
  9. The Bozo have a deep relationships with the Dogon.
  10. The Bozo are banned from frequenting Khassonké

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