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Dogon: people of Mali and Burkina

Dogon (Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso). Awa Society Mask. Africa

Dogon people live in the Dogon country, the first tourist region of Mali (West Africa)

  1. Dogon Region: from Bandiagara until the Niger Bend
  2. Small populations of Dogon in Burkina Faso (North) and Ivory Coast.
  3. Dogon languages (Niger-Congo) are spoken by 600,000 people in Burkina Faso and Mali
    1. Secret Language: Sigi so (Awa Society Mask)
  4. The main religions of the Dogon are:
    1. Sunni Islam
    2. African Traditional Religions (creator God: Amma)
  5. Dogon are related to the Bozo
  6. The main economic activity of the Dogon is agriculture (sorghum, rice)
  7. Dogon masks are very reputed

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