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Business in Thiès, Nones (Senegal)

Foreign Trade in Thiès: Senegalese crossroads, Sereré (Business, Senegal)

Thiès is a city of the Thiès region of Senegal (West Africa)

  1. Population of Thiès: 263,000 people (the fifth most populated Senegalese city, after Dakar, Pikine, Touba and Guédiawaye)
  2. Thiès is a Road and Railway crossroads
    1. Saint-Louis-Dakar Axe (Dakar-Lagos Corridor)
    2. Dakar (Senegal) - Mali (Bamako)- Niger Railway passes through Thiès
    3. Distance from Thiès to Dakar: 70 kilometres (Route N2)
  3. Thiès is an important Senegalese industrial city
    1. Upholstery industry
    2. Meat packaging industry
    3. Thiès battery factory
  4. Phosphates mines in Taïba and Pallo
  5. Main agricultural products: rice, peanuts, manioc, millet and fruits

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Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade) Senegal (Thiès)

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Thiès Study

  1. Museum of the Senegalese Manufactures and Decorative Arts
  2. Thiès is the county capital of the Thiès Department
  3. Main ethnic group of Thiès: Nones
    1. Nones belong to Serer family
    2. Main religion: Sereré
    3. Language of Nones: Noon (Niger-Congolese)
  4. Thiès has three communes of district:
    1. East Thiès
    2. West Thiès
    3. North Thiès

Thiès Department (Senegal)

  1. Creation of the Thiès Department: 1972
  2. Population of the Thiès Department: 530,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of the Thiès Department: 1,873 km²
  4. Districts:
    1. Keur Moussa
    2. Notto
    3. Thiénaba
    4. North Thiès
    5. South Thiès

Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade)

Higher Education in Thiès (Senegal)

  1. University of Thiès

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