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Business in Guédiawaye (Senegal)

Foreign Trade in Guédiawaye, Ndiarème Limamoulaye (Senegal), Sam Notaire, Golf South

Guédiawaye is a city of the Dakar region (North) of Senegal (West Africa)

  1. Population of Guédiawaye: 288,000 inhabitants (the fourth most populated Senegalese city, after Dakar, Pikine and Touba)
  2. Guédiawaye is the County capital of the Guédiawaye Department
  3. Distance from Guédiawaye to Dakar: 15 kilometres
    1. Access to the Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  4. The five Communes of Guédiawaye are:
    1. Golf South
    2. Sam Notaire
    3. Ndiarème Limamoulaye
    4. Wakhinane Nimzatt
    5. Médina Gounass

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Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade) Senegal (Guédiawaye)

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Business in Guédiawaye Study

Port of Dakar, Senegal. Access to Mali, Maritime Transport

Guédiawaye Department (Senegal)

  1. Creation of the Guédiawaye Department: 1972
  2. Population of the Guédiawaye Department: 350,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of the Guédiawaye Department: 12.7 km²
  4. Contiguous Departments:
    1. Dakar
    2. Pikine

Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade)

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