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Business in Saint-Louis (Ndar) Senegal

Foreign Trade in Saint-Louis, Dagana, Podor (Senegal)

Saint-Louis (Ndar in Wolof) is a city of the Saint-Louis region (North of Senegal, West Africa)

  1. Population of Saint-Louis: 238,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activities in San Luis: sugar production, fishing, livestock and peanuts
  3. Distance from Saint-Louis to Dakar: 264 kilometres
    1. Saint-Louis-Dakar axe, Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  4. River mouth of the Senegal River
  5. Saint-Louis is an important cultural, tourist and commercial centre of Senegal
    1. International Jazz Festival of San Luis
    2. Rapandar Festival of Hip-hop
    3. Barbarie Langue National Park
    4. Djoud National Bird Park
  6. Main ethnicities: Wolof, Lebous, Fulas, and Moors
  7. Main religion in Saint-Louis: Islam

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Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade) Senegal (Saint-Louis)

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Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade)

  1. Saint-Louis of Senegal is a UNESCO World Heritage
  2. Saint-Louis of Senegal is the county capital of the Saint-Louis Department
  3. 1659: foundation of Saint-Louis (the first West-African City founded by the Europeans)
    1. Trade centre: slaves and ivory
    2. Saint Louis was the capital of French West Africa
    3. The economy of San Luis declined economically when moving the capital of French West Africa to Dakar

Saint-Louis region (Senegal)

  1. County capital of the Saint-Louis region: Saint-Louis
  2. Population of the Saint-Louis region: 945,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of the Saint-Louis region: 19,044 km²
  4. Border of the Saint-Louis region with Mauritania
  5. Departments: Dagana, Podor and Saint-Louis
  6. Districts of the Saint-Louis region:
    1. Ndiaye
    2. Mbane
    3. Cas-Cas
    4. Gamadji Saré
    5. Saldé
    6. Thillé Boubacar
    7. Rao

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Saint-Louis Department (Senegal)

  1. County capital of the Saint-Louis Department: Saint-Louis
  2. Population of the Saint-Louis Department: 226,000 inhabitants
  3. Districts: Rao

Higher Education in Saint-Louis (Senegal)

  1. University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis

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