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Business in Rufisque (Tëngéej), Senegal

Foreign Trade and Business in Rufisque: the future Senegalese economic hub?

Rufisque is a city of the Dakar region (Senegal, West Africa)

  1. Population of Rufisque: 491,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activities in Rufisque: Valda factory, cement factory, Valdafrique laboratories, peanut, shoe manufacturing, services and tourism
  3. Rufisque: the future Senegalese economic hub?
  4. Special economic zone closest to Dakar
  5. Rufisque is on the Thiès-Dakar Road
    1. Dakar-Lagos Corridor
    2. Distance from Rufisque to Dakar: 25 kilometres
  6. Mineral port and bulk carrier of Bargny
  7. Old Port of Rufisque

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Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade) Senegal (Rufisque)

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Business in Dakar (Foreign Trade)

  1. Rufisque: Tëngéej (in Wolof)
  2. Rufisque is the county capital of the Rufisque Department
  3. District: Rufisque
  4. Main religion in Rufisque: Islam
  5. 16th Century: foundation of Rufisque

Rufisque Department (Senegal)

  1. Population of the Rufisque Department: 307,000 inhabitants
  2. Area of the Rufisque Department: 372 km²
  3. Districts: Rufisque and Sangalkam
  4. Retba Lake (Pink)

Port of Dakar, Senegal. Access to Mali, Maritime Transport

Business in Senegal (Foreign Trade)

Higher Education in Rufisque (Senegal)

  1. University Amadou Makhtar Mbow

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