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Commitment of the Hispano-African University to African development

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Our Commitment

The Hispano-African University of International Business has a deep commitment to African development.

“Africa represents only 3% of world trade. The participation of Africa in world production: 1.5%” (Source: African Union)

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The pillars to develop our commitment to Africa are:

  1. Academic alignment with the principles of the African Union 

“The main objective of the Action Plan to stimulate intra-African trade is to achieve 25% intra-African trade (currently between 10% and 13%) through regional integration” (AU)

  1. Collaborate with the growth of intra-African trade.
  2. Work in close collaboration with the African regional economic communities (CER)
  3. Support the vision of the African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)
  1. 2063 Agenda: “the future we want for Africa”
  2. Academic research focused on Africa
    1. Burkina Faso as the West African Educational Centre
  3. The African women as the pillar of Africa's socio-economic development
  4. Scholarships for African Students without resources, disabled people, victims of violence...
  5. Collaboration in the promotion of African companies and products in the world and the brand “Africa”
    1. Burkina Faso: a Destination of interest for investors
    2. Tourism promotion of Burkina
  6. Empowerment of the African languages
  7. Collaborate in the worldwide dissemination of the African history, culture and African Traditional Religions
    1. Promotion of the Burkinabe Culture
      1. Art exhibition “The Lobi. The complexity behind simplicity”
    2. African Art Exhibition “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”
    3. Exhibition “Art without an Author. The Richness of African Tribal Art”
  8. Develop the concept of “African Dignity”
  9. Foster relationships with the African Diaspora
  10. Program Not to corruption in African businesses

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Commitment of the Hispano-African University to Burkina Faso

African Free-Trade Area

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Ahmadou Hampaté Bá, Malian Historian

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