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Empowerment of the African Languages

Empowerment of the African Languages (EENI Global Business School)

EENI Commitment to the African Development and Burkina Faso

Vision of the African Languages Academy (African Union Commission)

Promote the integration and development of Africa through the development and promotion of the use of African languages in all areas of life in Africa. African languages must be developed for use in a wide range of fields, particularly in education, communication, legislation and technology...

Existing imported languages (also known as associated languages) should continue to play a key role in secondary and higher education as part of a planned bilingual policy”.

2006: “Year of the African Languages” (African Union)

EENI Vision

EENI shares this vision.

However, EENI considers that it is impossible to implement it fully. For this reason, EENI applies the following language policy:

Subjects of the Bachelor of Science, Masters and Doctorates in African and International Business

Second phase

  1. Available in three of the “associated languages” or “African linguas francas”: English, French and Portuguese.
  2. Students of the Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science and doctorates must be proficient in these three languages.
  3. In addition, all subjects are also available in Spanish:
    1. The second most important language in the world (405 million native speakers)
    2. The business language of Latin America (and the African Diaspora)
    3. One of the official languages of the African Union
    4. The language of Equatorial Guinea and some regions of Morocco.

Third phase

  1. Translation of the most important subjects into Arabic, another “African associated language”.
  2. Translation to the main African languages (Swahili, Hausa...) of the most important learning units, such as Globalisation, African institutions, Incoterms...

African Languages Courses

  1. Development of African language courses
  2. Examples:
    1. “Swahili for business”
    2. “Hausa for business”
  3. Certification of African language courses

Translation of EENI websites

  1. Translation of the EENI websites and e-campus to the African languages

EENI Professors

  1. When EENI hires an African professor, the knowledge of the local languages (Swahili, Hausa, Yoruba...) will be highly valued
  2. For example, a Tanzanian teacher who is fluent in Swahili can write his articles in English and Swahili, so that students of this teacher can write their exercises (or even their thesis) in Swahili.

EENI Students

In addition, EENI will encourage:

  1. The use of African mother tongues in working groups or discussion forums between students.
  2. Publications of articles, documents and theses in these African languages.
  3. Collaboration for the translation of websites, brochures, etc. from other companies and institutions with the help of students

Online glossaries

To facilitate the use of these African languages in business, EENI will create multilingual free online glossaries with the terms most used in foreign trade and African businesses.

More information about African languages:

  1. Afro-Asiatic Languages
  2. Nile-Saharan Languages
  3. Niger-Congo Languages
  4. Khoisan Languages
  5. Austronesian Languages

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