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Trade and International Marketing E-learning Courses (EENI Business School & HA University)

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Courses of EENI Business School & HA University of International Business

EENI Business School & HA University (Spain) offer the following Professional Courses in Trade, Marketing and International Business (e-learning):

  1. Course: Business in Africa
    1. Course: Business in West Africa
    2. Course: Business in Central Africa
    3. Course: Business in Eastern Africa
    4. Course: Business in Southern Africa
    5. Course: Business in the Maghreb
    6. Course: transport in Africa EENI & HA University
    7. Course: African Institutions EENI & HA University
    8. Course: African Business EENI & HA University
    9. Course: African Economic Transformation EENI & HA University
    10. Course: African Regional Integration EENI & HA University
    11. Course: African International Relations EENI & HA University
  2. International Trade Training
    1. Diploma in International Trade
  3. International Marketing Training
    1. Diploma in International Marketing
  4. Training in Religions and Business
  5. Training in Business in Asia
    1. Course: Business in China
    2. diploma: Business in India
    3. Course: Business in Central Eurasia
    4. Course: Business in Oceania
    5. Course: Business in the Middle East
  6. Course: Business in America
    1. Course: Business in South America
    2. Course: Business in Brazil
    3. Course: Business in the Andean Countries
    4. Course: Business in Central America
    5. Course: Business in Mexico
    6. Course: Business in the United States
  7. Course: Business in Europe
    1. Course: Business in the European Union
    2. Course: Business in Russia

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Professional Courses in Business of EENI Business School & HA University:

  1. Languages of the Courses: Study in English E-Learning Courses (or Study in Spanish Cursos a distancia Study in French Cours à distance Higher Education in Portuguese Cursos à distância)
  2. Intensive application of the case method
  3. Modality: Distance education (e-learning) through the EENI & HA University E-campus
  4. The evaluation of the courses is continuous
  5. You can begin the course anytime and anywhere thanks to our continuous enrolment system.

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International Business Training Modules EENI & HA University

Diploma. The student who successfully approves the course will obtain the diploma issued by EENI Business School & HA Independent University.

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