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International Marketing Courses (eLearning)

International Marketing Training (E-learning, EENI Global Business School)

EENI offers the following International Marketing Professional Courses (eLearning education):

Diploma in International Marketing

Online Diploma in International Marketing

African Student Master in Business, Master in Foreign Trade

Course: International Marketing

Subjects of the eLearning course “Global Marketing” (13 ECTS): distribution strategies, promotion, product and export prices

Course: Advanced Global Marketing

Subjects of the eLearning course “Advanced Global Marketing” (11 ECTS): market research, segmentation, brand and positioning, Intercultural Management, e-Business and International Business

Diploma: Internationalisation and Foreign direct investment

Subjects of the eLearning course “Internationalisation and Foreign direct investment” (10 ECTS): Internationalisation strategies, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Export Department and international contracts.

Africa EENI Global Business School

EENI Continuing Education Programs.
  1. Professional Master in International Business
  2. Professional Master in International Trade and Global Marketing (M1)

Professional International Marketing courses:

  1. Languages of the Courses: Study Master International Business in English (or Study Master Business Foreign Trade in Spanish eLearning Courses Study Master Business in French Cours à distance Study Master International Trade in Portuguese Cursos à distância )
  2. Case Method
  3. Modality: Distance education (e-learning) through the EENI E-campus
  4. The evaluation of the International Marketing Courses is continuous
  5. The Student can begin the course anytime and anywhere thanks to our continuous enrolment system.

Students International Business

Diploma. The student who successfully approves the course will obtain the diploma issued by EENI Global Business School.

Study a Master International Trade in Spanish Formación en Marketing Internacional Trade and Business in Africa (French) Formations en marketing international Study, Master, Global Business, Foreign Trade, Portuguese Cursos de Marketing Internacional

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