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Training in Business in Europe (Master, Doctorate, eLearning)

EENI Business School & HA University (Spain) offers the following Professional Business Courses related to Europe (eLearning):

  1. Professional Master of Science in Business in Europe
  2. Professional Master of Science in International Economic Relations
  3. Professional Doctorate in Business in Europe
  4. Professional Doctorate in Foreign Trade
  5. Professional Doctorate in International Transport and Logistics

Study Master International Trade

More information about the eLearning Course “Business in Europe”, at EENI Business School & HA University Website.

Course Business in the European Union

Course: Introduction to the European Union

Course European Union, institutions (3 ECTS - CECT, PDF)

Course: European Union Single Market

Course: EU Single Market (PDF) (3 ECTS - CECT)

Course: International Economic Relations of the EU

Course Foreign Policy of the EU

Agreements of the EU (Online Course) (8 ECTS - CECT), PDF

Course: Export to the European Union

Export to the EU (Online Course)


Course: Business in Russia

e-Course: Doing Business in Russia (12 ECTS - CECT, PDF)

Course: Business in the Countries of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)

Business Countries of the EFTA (15 ECTS - CECT)

Course: Business in the EFTA countries

Business in EFTA States (9 ECTS - CECT, PDF)

Diploma: Business in the countries of Eastern Europe and Turkey

Business in Eastern Europe and Turkey



Continuing Education Programs (EENI Business School & HA University).

International Trade professional courses of EENI Business School & HA University:

  1. Languages of the Courses: Study Master Business in English (or Study Master Business in Spanish Europa Study Master Business in French Europe Study Master International Trade in Portuguese Europe)
  2. Modality: Distance education (e-learning) through EENI & HA University E-campus
  3. You can begin the course anytime and anywhere thanks to our continuous enrolment system.

Students International Business (Doctorate, Master)

Diploma. The student who successfully approves the course will obtain the diploma issued by EENI Business School & HA Independent University.

International Diploma (Spain): EENI Business School & HA University

Courses, Masters and Doctorates taught by EENI Business School & HA University

Online Course: European Digital Single Market (EU)

Vladimir Potanin Russian Businessman (Online Course)

US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)

Study a Master International Business in Spanish Europa French (Master International Business) Cours: affaires in Europe Study, Master, Business, Portuguese Europa

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