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Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (Bachelor of Science, Masters, Doctorates)

In 2014 in Sub-Saharan Africa, the higher education gross enrolment rate (Bachelors, masters and doctorates) did not exceed 8%, well behind South Asia (23%, the second lowest regional average), and the world average (3.4%).

  1. In Madagascar, less than 3% of the Malagasy population in a graduation age completed the tertiary education at least at the baccalaureate level in 2013. In contrast, 65% did so in Lithuania.

If the African countries wish to prosper in their participation in the global economy, Investment in higher education in Africa is crucial.

  1. Africa: 3% of the world trade
  2. African participation in the world production: 1.5%

The African countries should invest in secondary and tertiary education and expand lifelong learning opportunities to increase the value-added activities in industry and services.

  1. African agriculture: 25% of the African GDP
  2. African manufacturing sector: 10% of the African GDP

Raising the level of the tertiary education by one year on average would improve long-term GDP levels in sub-Saharan Africa by 16% and increase growth through technological convergence of 0.06 percentage points per year (Bloom et al., 2014).

  1. In Egypt, in 2013, there were 89 women for every 100 men enroled in higher education, but there was a gender parity in the graduation rate.
  2. It is less common for the disparity to worsen between enrollment and graduation. In Rwanda, 79 women signed up, but only 51 graduated by 100 men in 2013.

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