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Doing Business in Kankan (Upper Guinea)

Foreign Trade in Kankan, Railway to Conakry (Guinea), Malinke. Samory Touré

Kankan is the second city by population of the Republic of Guinea (West Africa), after Conakry (Guinean capital)

  1. Population of Kankan: 472,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activity: agriculture (sorghum, corn, fruits, yam, mango...)
  3. Cotton dismantling company
  4. Conakry-Kankan Railway
  5. Kankan has a river port on the Milo River
  6. Main ethnic group of Kankan: Malinké (Mandinka)
  7. Main spoken language in Kankan: Malinké

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Foreign Trade and Business in Guinea

  1. Guinean region: Kankan
  2. Natural region: Upper Guinea (Haute-Guinea, on the Milo River)
  3. Prefecture: Kankan (County capital)
  4. Foundation of Kankam: Mandinka (17th century)
    1. Capital of Baté Empire
    2. Conquered by Samory Touré (1897)

Higher Education in Kankan (Guinea)

  1. Julius N'yéréré University

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