History of Lesotho (Doctorate)

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History of the Kingdom of Lesotho (Doctorate in African Business)

History of Lesotho (Southern Africa)

  1. Original inhabitants: San (Bushmen)
    1. Examples of their rock art can be found in the mountains of the region
  2. Immigration of Bantu people
  3. 16th century: Basotho
  4. 19th century: Mfecane (Zulu clans)
    1823-1870: Moshoeshoe I, King of Basothos
  5. Wars against the Boers («the lost territory»)
  6. 1853: agreement with the British
  7. 1858: Senekal war against the Boers
  8. 1869: British protectorate
  9. 1871: the protectorate is annexed to Cape colony
  10. 1880 - 1881: war against the British
  11. 1884: control of the British (Basutoland)
  12. Lesotho gained its Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
  13. Constitutional monarchy with a bicameral Parliament composed of a Senate and an elected National Assembly.

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