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Business in Maradi (Niger)

Foreign Trade in Maradi: the Nigerien economic capital, Madarounfa (peanuts). Hausa

The city of Maradi is the County capital of the Maradi region (South of Niger, West Africa)

  1. Population Maradi: 267,249 inhabitants (the second largest Nigerien city)
  2. Maradi is the Nigerien economic capital
  3. Main economic activities: trade, agriculture (peanut, broad beans) and livestock (cows, camels)
  4. Leading industries: SONITAN (tannery), TARNA (ceramics), Niger Plastic, Olga Oil
  5. National Road 1: Niamey, Birni Konni (Tahoua), Maradi, Zinder
    1. Distance to Niamey: 540 kilometres
  6. Maradi has important business relationships (import and export) with Nigeria

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Foreign Trade and Business in Niger Niger - Maradi

Nigerien Students from Maradi, Doctorate, Business

  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, International Business, Foreign Trade
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

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Foreign Trade and Business in Maradi (Master) Niger

  1. Department: Madarounfa
  2. Main religion in Maradi: Sunni Islam
  3. Main ethnic group in Maradi: Hausa
    1. Small populations of Fula and Tuareg
  4. Main language: Hausa
  5. Foundation: in 1807 by Hausa Kings (State of Katsina of Maradi)

Maradi region (South of Niger):

  1. Population of the Maradi region: 3.4 million inhabitants (the most populated Nigerien region)
  2. Main ethnic group: Hausa (83% of the population)
  3. Area of the Maradi region: 41.796 km²
    1. 71.5% of the agricultural land
  4. Border of the Maradi region with Nigeria (150 kilometres): Katsina and Kano
  5. Contiguous regions: Zinder, Tahoua, Agadez

Foreign Trade and Business in Niger

Departments of the Maradi region (Niger)

  1. Aguié
  2. Dakoro
  3. Guidan-Roumdji
  4. Madarounfa
  5. Mayahi
  6. Tessaoua

Higher Education in Maradi (Higher Education in Africa)

  1. University of Maradi

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