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Business in Nampula (Mozambique)

Foreign Trade and Business in Nampula (Mozambique)

Nampula (the northern capital) is the capital of the Nampula province of Mozambique (East Africa)

  1. Population of Nampula: 0.5 million people
  2. Nampula is the third largest Mozambican city (after Maputo and Beira)
  3. Nampula is the Logistics and business centre of Northern Mozambique (Transport and Logistics in Mozambique).
    1. The Nacala-Malawi Corridor is the main Railway and Road axis of Nampula
    2. Nampula is 130 kilometres from the Mozambique Channel
    3. Distances from Nampula to:
      1. Maputo: 1,385 kilometres
      2. Beira: 959 kilometres
      3. Quelimane: 545 kilometres
    4. Nampula International Airport.

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Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique (Imports) Mozambique - Nampula

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Ports of Mozambique, Maputo, Nacala, Beira (Maritime Transport Course) access to South Africa, Eswatini


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  1. Main religion in Nampula: Christianity
    1. Catholic Cathedral of Nampula
  2. Nampula National Ethnography Museum
  3. 1919: Creation of Nampula (History of Mozambique)

Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique (Nampula), East Africa

Mozambican province: Nampula

  1. The Nampula province is located in northern Mozambique.
  2. Capital: Nampula
  3. Population of the Nampula province: 6 million inhabitants
  4. Area: 81,606 km²
  5. Municipalities of the Nampula province: Angoche, island of Mozambique, Malema, Monapo, Nacala Porto, Nampula and Ribaué
  6. Main economic activities: cashews, cotton and tobacco production, precious stones and other minerals
  7. Island of Mozambique is a UNESCO world heritage site (1992)

Higher Education in Nampula (Mozambique)

  1. Catholic University of Mozambique (Nampula)

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