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Business in Quelimane (Mozambique)

Foreign Trade and Business in Quelimane, Zambezia (Mozambique)

Quelimane is the administrative and economic capital of the Zambezia province, in the centre of Mozambique (East Africa)

  1. Population of Quelimane: 194,000 inhabitants
  2. Port of Quelimane (Transport and Logistics in Mozambique)
    1. Main economic activity in Quelimane: port activities
    2. Important fishing industry
    3. Access to Blantyre (Malawi), to 416 kilometres
  3. Distances from Quelimane to:
    1. Maputo: 2,065 kilometres
    2. Beira: 1,216 kilometres
    3. Nampula: 545 kilometres

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Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique Mozambique - Quelimane

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Foreign Trade and Business in Mozambique (Quelimane), East Africa

  1. Quelimane is next to the Bons Sinais River, 20 kilometres from the Indian Ocean
  2. Main religion in Quelimane: Christianity
  3. The most spoken languages in Quelimane are Portuguese and Chuabo
  4. Quelimane was founded by Muslims merchants as a Swahili commercial centre and as a slave market.
  5. 1498: the Portuguese Vasco da Gama arrives at Quelimane (History of Mozambique)

Mozambican province: Zambezia

  1. The Zambezia province is located in the central region of Mozambique
  2. Quelimane is the capital and the largest city of the Zambezia province
  3. Population of the Zambezia province: 5.1 million inhabitants
    1. Zambezia is the second most populated province in Mozambique
  4. Area: 105,008 km²
  5. Municipalities of the Zambezia province: Alto Molócuè, Gurúè, Maganja da Costa, Milange, Mocuba and Quelimane.
  6. Main economic activities: agricultural production (rice, corn, cassava, cashew, sugar cane, coconut, citrus and tea) and peach (shrimp)
  7. The largest Mozambican tea plantations are located in Gurúè.
  8. The Zambezia province is extremely vulnerable to flooding during rainy season

Higher Education in Quelimane (Mozambique)

  1. Higher Polytechnic and University Institute
  2. Catholic University of Mozambique

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