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Pascal Nguessan, Ivory Coast (EENI Advisor)

Pascal Nguessan, Ivory Coast (academic advisor and recruiter of EENI Global Business School)

Study a master (Ivory Coast) Pascal Nguessan, academic advisor and recruiter of EENI Global Business School in Ivory Coast (West Africa)

Pascal Nguessan, Ivory Coast (Academic advisor, EENI)

  1. e-mail:
  2. Tel: (00225) 77 88 46 59 / 44 44 98 92
  3. CEL: 00225 48 87 31 91 / 05 68 48 72

Education (Pascal Nguessan):

  1. Master in International Trade. EENI Global School of Business. 2011.
  2. D.E.S.S (Diploma of Specialised Higher Studies). Abidjan Project Management and Entrepreneurship. MISA Group. 2007
  3. D.E.S.S (Diploma of Specialised Higher Studies). Abidjan marketing and communication (defence instance). ETEP INTERNATIONAL. 2006
  4. C.A.G.E (Certificate of Aptitude in Business Management). ESG PARIS. 2000
  5. BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur / Higher Technician Certificate) in ELECTRONICS. EST LOKO 1997.
  6. BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) en ÉLECTRONIQUE. EST LOKO 1997.

Experience (Pascal Nguessan):

  1. Shift Supervisor (terminal management)
  2. Abidjan Airport FHB.
  3. Operator terminals controller.
  4. From November 1997 to date
    1. Management and control of terminal equipment and passenger circuits.
    2. Follow-up of subscriptions and management of car parks and customer relations.
    3. VIP passenger protocol management.

Professional certificates (Pascal Nguessan):

  1. ICAO Trainer Certificate. Abidjan airport. 2017
  2. Certificate in customer relationship management. 2014 Abidjan Airport
  3. Certificate in airport security (crisis management). Abidjan airport. 2012
  4. Certificate in quality training: ISO 9001. Qualitas Ivory Coast (Abidjan). 2012
  5. Certificate in development, financing, monitoring and evaluation of a training plan. Global C. Corporation. 2011
  6. Certificate in Project Management and Humanitarian Logistics. President of Unesco in Abidjan. 2011
  7. Diploma in airport security. Nigeria (Abuja) (understanding mission of ICAO Annex 14). 2010
  8. IATA Certificate Special basic courses in Sce, DCS and transport and transit of dangerous goods. SYNA consulting company. 2008
  9. Internship in monitoring and evaluation of development projects; Topic: implementation of monitoring and evaluation tools in the management of road Investment projects. AGEROUTE 2008
  10. Certificate of improvement in English. C.A.M.P.C. Abidjan 2006
  11. Certificate in maintenance and computer networks, configuration, administration and network cabling. Cabinet K-LOG Technology. 2004
  12. Advanced training course in airport management, management and monitoring of the operation of airport terminals. Marseille Airport (France) 1998.

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