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History of Rwanda

Rwandan History (Doctorate in African Business)

Hunter-gatherers colonised the territory of Rwanda (Central Africa, Eastern Africa) in the Stone Age, followed later by Bantu peoples.

  1. 1000 BC: human presence (iron and ceramic). Farming
  2. 10th Century: Hutu (west) and Twa arrive
  3. 10th Century - 18th Century: Kingdom of Rwanda (Banyarwanda)
  4. Nyiginya Dynasty
  5. 14th century: Tutsi (Northern shepherds) arrive
  6. 18th century: corn introduction
  7. 1861: John Speke
  8. 1890: German East Africa: Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania
  9. 1916: occupation by Belgium
  10. 1925: integration of Ruanda-Urundi in the Belgian Congo
  11. 1962: Independence of Rwanda
  12. 1964: the first massacre of Tutsi
  13. 1990: Rwanda civil war
  14. 1993: Tutsi massacres
  15. 1994: assassination of the Prime Minister of Rwanda
  16. 1994: 15,000 dead - massacre of Kaduha Church (Gikongoro)

GENOCIDE OF THE TUTSI: 800,000 dead according to the United Nations

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