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Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX)

Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX), Burkina, Master in Business in Africa

The origin of the Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX) was the French Company for the Development of Textile Fibres, created with the mission of promoting cotton production in the French-speaking African Countries.

  1. In 1919, the Regional Office of West Africa, with a presence in Morocco, Senegal, Cameroon and the Central African Republic, was created in Bobo-Dioulasso (Upper Volta).
  2. With the Independence from France, their companies were nationalised.
  3. Today, the Burkinabe Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts protects the Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX)

Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX)


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Headquarters: 2744 Avenue William Ponty. BP 147 Bobo-Dioulasso 01 Burkina Faso (High-Basins, West Africa).

Website of the Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX)

  1. The main activities of the Burkinabe Textile Fibres Society (SOFITEX) are cotton purchase and distribution (80% of cotton is made with genetically modified organisms) and Textile Fibres, as well as the agricultural input provision for the Burkinabe farmers.
  2. The General Director of the Burkina Faso Society of Textile Fibres (SOFITEX) is Mr. Wilfried Aimé Guillaume Sidbéwindé YAMEOGO, Knight of the National Order
  3. Shareholding:
    1. French Democratic Confederation of labour (CFDT): 45%
    2. Republic of Burkina Faso: 35%

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