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International Trade and Business in Mogadishu - Muqdisho (Somalia, Master, East Africa)

Study a Doctorate / Master in International Business in Mogadishu (Federal Republic of Somalia)

Mogadishu (Xamar ou Hamar) is the political, commercial, financial and administrative capital of Somalia (East Africa)

  1. Muqdisho in Somali language
  2. مقديشو in Arabic
  3. Population of Mogadishu: 2.4 million people
    1. Mogadishu is the largest Somalian city (the second city is Hargeisa and third is Bosaso)
    2. 1991: 0.9 million people
  4. Mogadishu: twenty years of civil war since 1991
  5. Main crops in Mogadishu: sugar cane, cotton and bananas
  6. The Port of Mogadishu is the largest Somali seaport
  7. Mogadishu International Airport
  8. Real estate boom in Mogadishu
    1. Quarry (concrete products, asphalt and pavers)
  9. Coca-Cola and SomalFruit factories
  10. The main institutions and companies in Somalia are headquartered in Mogadishu: Transnational electricity and industrial gas company, Hormuud Telecommunications, Jubba Airways, Somalia Energy Corporation, Tawakal Money Express, First Somalia Bank, International Bank of Somalia and the Central Bank of Somalia.
    1. Headquarters of the Federal Government of Somalia

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Somali Region: Banaadir (south-east from Somalia)
  2. Mogadishu is located in the coastal region of the Indian Ocean in the Horn of Africa
  3. Shebelle River is less than 30 kilometres away (source in the centre of Ethiopia)
  4. Districts of Mogadishu: Abdiaziz, Bondhere, Daynile, Dharkenley, Hamar-Hajab, Hamar-Weyne, Heliwa, Hodan, Howl-Wadag, Karan, Shangani, Shibi, Waberi, Wadajir and Yaqshid.

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  1. Climate of Mogadishu: hot and semi-arid
  2. Islamic Solidarity Mosque of Mogadishu
  3. Mogadishu Cathedral
  4. National Museum of Somalia
  5. In 1905, Italy converted Mogadishu into the capital of Somalian Italy

Higher Education in Mogadishu (Somalia)

  1. Al-Imra International University
  2. Al-Hillal University
  3. State University of Banadir
  4. Benadir University
  5. Frontier University
  6. University of the capital of Somalia
  7. University of the city
  8. Darul Hikmah University
  9. Baresan University
  10. Green Hope University
  11. Himilo University
  12. International University of Daha
  13. University of Hiraan (UH)
  14. Hope University
  15. Horizon International University
  16. Horn of Africa University
  17. Horseed International University
  18. Imam University (UI)
  19. Indian Ocean University
  20. University of Mogadishu
  21. University of Science and Technology of Jamhuuriya
  22. Somali National University
  23. Kax Sheekhaal University
  24. University of Kownayn (KU)
  25. Lower Shabelle University
  26. Islamic University
  27. Plasma University
  28. University of Salaam
  29. University of Savannah
  30. SIMAD University (SU)
  31. Jazeera University
  32. Jubba University of Science and Technology
  33. University of the Somali Sages
  34. Somaville University
  35. University of Addawe
  36. University of Darulsalam
  37. University of Hormuud

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