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History of Tunisia (Doctorate)

History of Tunisia. Doctorate in African Business

History of Tunisia (Maghreb)

The Tunisian historian Hichem Djaït

Hichem Djaït (Tunisian Historian)

  1. The first traces of human presence in Tunisia date from the Paleolithic (Afsa, hunter-gatherers).
  2. 4500 - 2500 BC (Neolithic):
    1. Colonisation of Tunisia by the Berbers (Libya)
    2. Contacts with the Phoenicians (Tire)

Carthage (Punic Civilisation)

  1. Colonisation by the Phoenicians (Middle East).
  2. Foundation of Carthage (Tunis)
  3. Punic civilisation
  4. Expansion in the western Mediterranean basin: Morocco, Iberia and Cyprus
  5. Commercial establishments in Sicily, Sardinia, Balearic Islands and Corsica
  6. Conflicts with the Romans
  7. Three Punic wars

Rome (six centuries)

  1. At the end of the Third Punic War, Rome definitively defeats Carthage
  2. Establishment of the Roman Province of Africa
  3. Supplier of agricultural products (wheat, olive oil)
  4. Sfax
  5. Expansion of Christianity

Vandal domination

  1. 439: Vandals and Alans arrive in Carthage, where they established their kingdom for almost a century.
  2. Arianism
  3. Persecution of Christians
  4. 533: defeat before the troops of the Eastern Roman Empire
  5. Collapse

Byzantine period

  1. Byzantines (General Belisario) conquered Carthage
  2. Restoration of the Roman administration system

 Arab-Muslim Middle Ages

  1. 674: Conquest by the Arabs
  2. Foundation of the city of Kairouan
  3. Islamisation
  4. 800: Aglabida dynasty
    1. Control of the central and eastern Maghreb
    2. House of wisdom of Kairouan
  5. 909: Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi proclaims himself caliph
  6. Foundation of the Fatimid dynasty
  7. Imposition of Shiism
  8. Occupation of the army of Sultan Almohad Abd Al-Mumin
  9. 1228 - 1574: Hafsid Berber dynasty
  10. Trade with Venetians, Genovese, Aragonese and Sicilians
  11. XII century, Tunisia was attacked by the Normans from Sicily
  12. 1705: Tunisian Beylicate (Turkish).

1881 - 1956: French Protectorate of Tunisia

  1. March 1956: Independence of Tunisia (France)
  2. Independent Kingdom: 1956 - 1957

Tunisian Republic

  1. 1959: Habib Burguiba (President)
  2. 1987: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (President)
  3. Arab Spring

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