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Transport and Logistics in Tunisia

Transport and Logistics in Tunisia. Master in Foreign Trade

Tunisian ports

The largest ports of Tunisia (Maghreb) are:

  1. La Goulette (Tunis): is the largest Tunisian Port
  2. Rades (79% of the Tunisian Container traffic)
  3. Bizerte
  4. Sousse
  5. Sfax
  6. Gabes
  7. Zarzis

Tunisian Ports: Tunis, Goulette, Rades, Bizerte, Sousse, and Sfax (Maritime Transport Course)

The National Society of the Tunisian Railways manages the railways system in Tunisia

  1. 468 kilometres of railway tracks, 1,435 mm wide
  2. 1,674 kilometres of 1,000 mm tracks
  3. Sfax-Gafsa Railway (phosphates and iron ore, Sfax port)
  4. Tunisia has rail connections with Algeria through the Ghardimaou-Souk Ahras line

In Tunisia there are 29 Airports

  1. Tunis Carthage International Airport
  2. Djerba-Zarzis International Airport
  3. Enfidha International Airport - Hammamet
  4. Thyna International Airport

Road Transport

  1. Paved Roads: 12,310 kilometres
  2. Not paved roads: 6,387 kilometres
  3. Highway A1
    1. Tunisia, Ben Arous, Hammam Lif, Hammamet, Enfida, Sousse, El Jem, Sfax
    2. 247 kilometres
  4. Highway A3
    1. Tunisia, Medjez el-Bab, Oued Zarga
    2. Border with Algeria
  5. Highway A4
    1. Tunisia, Utique, El Alia, Menzel Bourguiba, Bizerte

African Transport Corridors.

Access to the Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Sfax, Tunisia)

Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Transafrican Highway)

Access to the Corridor Argel-Lagos (Trans-Saharan)

Argel-Lagos Corridor (Trans-Saharan Highway)

Access to the Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor

  1. Link Tunis (Tunisia) - Algeria (Gabes - Hazoua Ghardaia) (800 kilometres)

Tripoli-Windhoek Corridor (Transafrican Highway)

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Wilayas (governorates) of Tunisia

  1. History of Tunisia
  2. Higher Education in Tunisia

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