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Gulu is the main administrative and commercial centre of the Gulu district, Northern Uganda (Eastern Africa)

  1. Population of Gulu: 153,000 inhabitants
    1. 2002: 120,000 inhabitants
  2. Gulu is the economic capital of north Uganda
  3. District: Gulu (capital)
  4. Region: North of Uganda
  5. Sub-region: Acholi
    1. Acholi is a Luo Nilotic ethnic group from the eastern part of South Sudan and northern Uganda (region commonly called Acoliland), includes the districts of Agago, Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Nwoya and Lamwo
    2. 1.17 million Acholi in Uganda and 45,000 in South Sudan
  6. Elevation of Gulu: 1.100 metres
  7. Main religion in Gulu: Christianity
    1. Dioceses of North of Uganda (Anglican Communion)

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Ugandan Students from Gulu (Doctorate, Master)

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More information: Business in Uganda, at EENI Website.

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Transport and Logistics Gulu Uganda

  1. Distance from Gulu to Kampala: 340 kilometres
  2. Distance from Gulu to Mbarara: 595 kilometres
  3. Railway linking Tororo-Gulu-Pakwach
  4. Gulu Airport
    1. The second largest Airport in Uganda after Entebbe International Airport

History of Gulu (Uganda)

1990: The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) became increasingly violent in Gulu. Up to 15,000 children, known as “night travelers”, fled the city for safety every night

Northern region of Uganda

  1. Gulu is the capital of the Northern region of Uganda
  2. Population of the Northern region of Uganda: 7.2 million inhabitants
    1. 2002: 5 million inhabitants
  3. Area: 85.391 square kilometres
  4. Districts of the Northern region of Uganda:
    1. Abim
    2. Adjumani
    3. Agago
    4. Alebtong
    5. Amolatar
    6. Amudat
    7. Amuru
    8. Apac
    9. Arua
    10. Dokolo
    11. Gulu
    12. Kaabong
    13. Kitgum
    14. Koboko
    15. Kole
    16. Kotido
    17. Lamwo
    18. Lira
    19. Maracha
    20. Moroto
    21. Moyo
    22. Nakapiripirit
    23. Napak
    24. Nebbi
    25. Nwoya
    26. Otuke
    27. Oyam
    28. Pader
    29. Yumbe
    30. Zombo

Higher Education in Gulu (Uganda)

Higher Education in Uganda

  1. University of Gulu
  2. University of Muni (Arua)

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