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Trade and Business in Kampala (Uganda)

Business in Kampala (Master): economic capital of Uganda. Entebbe

Kampala is the economic, political and administrative capital of Uganda (Eastern Africa)

  1. Kasozi Ka Mpala (the colony of Mpala) in Bugandan language
  2. Population of Kampala: 1.5 million Kampalan
    1. Kampala is the largest Ugandan city
    2. 2002: 1.1 million inhabitants
    3. Population density of Kampala: 7,928 inhabitants/km²
  3. The industrial and commercial park of Kampala, is located in Namanve, in the district of Mukono, 14 kilometres to the east of the central business district of Kampala
  4. The sole Pepsi-Cola bottler franchise in Uganda (Crown Beverages Limited) is located in Nakawa (5 kilometres from Kampala)
  5. The headquarters of the Bank of Central African States are in Kampala
  6. 30% of the inhabitants of Kampala practice the urban agriculture
  7. Strong informal sector

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Northern Corridor (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda)
  1. Districts of Kampala are: Centre, Kawempe, Makindye, Nakawa and Rubaga
  2. District: Kampala
  3. Main spoken languages in Kampala: English, Luganda, Swahili, Baganda and Banyankole
  4. Elevation of Kampala: 1,189 metres
  5. Kampala has a tropical rainforest climate
  6. Uganda Museum, Ugandan National Theater, Ndere cultural Centre

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  1. Entebbe is an important city of central Uganda
  2. Entebbe is on a peninsula of the Lake Victoria, 37 kilometres south-west of Kampala
  3. Entebbe International Airport

Transport and Logistics Kampala, Uganda

  1. Entebbe International Airport
  2. Port Bell (on the shores of the Lake Victoria) is 10 kilometres from Kampala
  3. Rwanda National Route 1: Kigali - Byumba - Gatuna (Uganda, Kabale and Kampala)
  4. Rwanda National Route 2a: Kayonza - Nyagatare - Kagitumba (Uganda border, route to Mtungamo and Kampala)
  5. Project to connect Burundi by Railway in Kigali (Kampala) and Kenya
  6. In 2016, the Railway Consortium of the Rift Valley (RVR) and the Capital City Authority of Kampala established a rail service between Namanve and Kampala and between Kampala and Kyengera.
  7. Railway network: Port of Mombasa to Nairobi (Kenya), Malaba and Kampala Kasese in western Uganda (border with the DR Congo, Goma)
  8. Access to the Lagos-Mombasa Corridor
  9. Distance from Mbarara to Kampala: 290 kilometres.
  10. Distance from Gulu to Kampala: 340 kilometres.

Port of Mombasa, Kenya. Gateway to Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and Tanzania

Ugandan region: Centre

  1. Kampala is the capital of the Central region of Uganda
  2. Population of the Central region of Uganda: 9.5 million inhabitants
  3. Area: 61,403 km²

The district of Wakiso (2 million inhabitants) is around of Kampala

  1. Kira Town is a municipality in the Wakiso district of the Central region of Uganda
    1. Kira Town is the second largest Ugandan city by population
  2. Nansana is a city in the Central region of Uganda
    1. Nansana is a working-class neighbourhood with a high population density
  3. Makindye-Ssabagabo is a municipality of the Wakiso district of Uganda
    1. Population of Makindye-Ssabagabo: 284,000 inhabitants

History of Kampala -Uganda

  1. Kampala was the capital of the Kingdom Buganda
  2. King of Buganda: Kabaka
  3. Tumbas Kasubi (Kings of Buganda), UNESCO World Heritage.
  4. Until Ugandan Independence (1962), the capital was transferred to Entebbe
  5. Idi Amin, the military dictator and the third Ugandan President from 1971 to 1979, was born in 1923 in Kampala

Higher Education in Uganda

1922: creation of Technical Institute of Makerere (Makerere University)

  1. Institute Uganda Management
  2. Aga Khan University
  3. Cavendish University Uganda
  4. St. Augustine International University
  5. University of Technology and Management of Uganda
  6. Victoria University in Uganda
  7. Virtual University of Uganda

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