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Uranium deposits (Arlit, Agadez, Tchirozérine, Niger) Busines

Agadez is the capital of the Republic of Niger (North of Niger, West Africa)

  1. Population of Agadez: 124,324 inhabitants
  2. Agadez (city and urban commune) is the capital of the Agadez region (Tchirozérine Department)
  3. Agadez has an important handicraft industry
  4. Route N25: Niamey, Birni Konni (Border with Nigeria), Tahoua, Agadez, Arlit
  5. Distance from Agadez to Niamey: 900 kilometres
  6. Area of the Agadez region: 667,799 km² (Half of Niger)
  7. The main ethnic groups of Agadez are Hausa, Tuareg, Fula, Songhai and Kanouri

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  1. Agadez is 520 meters above sea level, between the Sahara and the Sahel
  2. Climate of Agadez: warm desert
  3. Agadez means market (egadaz) in Tamazight, the language of Tuareg
  4. The Historical Centre of Agadez is an UNESCO World Heritage
  5. Great Mosque of Agadez: 16th century
  6. Agadez has been a place of connection (caravans) between the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa

Arlit Department (Niger)

  1. Population of Arlit: 112.432 inhabitants
  2. Distances from Arlit to:
    1. Agadez: 200 kilometres (South)
    2. Niamey: 800 kilometres
    3. Tahoua: 375 kilometres
  3. Algerian Border: 170 kilometres
  4. Arlit (Aïr) was created in 1969, after discovering uranium deposits
    1. Aïr Mines Society (Somaïr)
    2. Akouta Mining Company (Cominak)

Higher Education in Agadez (Higher Education in Africa):

  1. University of Agadez
  2. Higher Institute of Fossil Energies and Renewable Energies (ISEFER)

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