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Foreign Trade and Business in Algiers (Algeria)

Doing Business in Algiers (Algeria). Masters in International Trade

Algiers is the political, economic, commercial and financial capital of Algeria (Maghreb)

  1. Population of Algiers: 3,4 million inhabitants
    1. Agglomeration of Algiers: 7,8 million inhabitants
    2. Algiers is the largest Algerian city of
    3. 53% of the inhabitants are of Arabic origin and 44% Berber origin
    4. 1940: 0.3 million
    5. 1963: 0.6 million
  2. Algiers Stock Exchange
  3. Port of Algiers
  4. Industrial zone Rouiba-Réghaia (the largest in Algeria)
    1. 250 companies: National Society of Industrial Vehicles (SNVI), National Society of Road Transport (SNTR)...
  5. Hewlett Packard office for French-speaking countries in Africa is in Algiers
  6. Mall of Bab Ezzouar (the largest in the Maghreb)

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Algerian Student from Algiers (Master, Doctorate)

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  1. Wilaya (region of Algeria): Algiers
  2. Algerian District: Sidi M'Hamed
  3. Algiers means:
    1. الجزائر العاصمة in Arabic (Algiers the White)
    2. ⴷⵣⴰⵢⴻ in Tifinagh
  4. Algiers is in the centre-north of Algeria (Mediterranean Sea)
  5. Mediterranean climate
  6. Sensible seismic zone
  7. 944: foundation of Algiers by Bologhine ibn Ziri, the founder of the Berber Dynasty Zirid-Sanhaja (History of Algeria)
  8. Algiers was the capital of the Free France (1942 - 1944)

Transport and Logistics in Algeria

Logistics Course: Ports of Algeria

  1. Algiers Subway (since 2011)
  2. Algiers Tram
  3. Houari Boumediene Airport
  4. East-West Road
  5. Distances from Algiers to Oran: 432 kilometres
  6. Distances from Algiers to Constantine: 431 kilometres

Wilayas (regions) of Algeria (source: Open Maps)

Ali Haddad Algerian Businessman (Online Course)

Higher Education in Algiers

  1. University of Algiers 1 - Benyoucef Benkhedda
  2. University of Algiers 2 - Abou el Kacem Saâdallah
  3. University of Algiers 3 - Brahim Soltane Chaibout
  4. University of Science and Technology of Algiers, Houari Boumediène
  5. University of Continuing Education

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