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Algerian History (Doctorate Africa)

History of Algeria. Master and Doctorate in African Business

History of Algeria (Maghreb)

  1. 1.8 million years: evidence of human occupation (stone tools, Ain Hanech)
  2. 700,000 years: discovered bones of fossilized Homo erectus
  3. 6,000 - 2,000 BC: Neolithic civilisation in the Maghreb
    1. Rock paintings of the Tassili n'Ajjer
    2. Berbers (Imazighen)


  1. 900 BC: Creation of Carthage (Tunisia) by the Phoenician merchants
  2. Berber Civilisation
  3. Collapse of Carthage (Punic Wars)
  4. Expansion of the Berbers
  5. 200 BC: Berber kingdoms
  6. King Masinissa

Roman Empire

  1. 24 AD: annexation to the Roman Empire
  2. The granary of the Roman Empire
  3. Berber opposition
  4. 2th century: Christianity arrives
  5. 4th century: Christianisation of the Berbers

Middle Age

  1. Division of the Berber tribes (Sanhaja, Houaras, Zenata, Masmuda, Kutama, Awarba, Barghawata)
  2. Berber dynasties
  3. 7th century: Arabian Tribes Invasion
  4. Islamisation
  5. Arabic language
  6. 944: foundation of Algiers by Bologhine ibn Ziri (Berber dynasty Zirid-Sanhaja)

Ottoman Empire 1515-1830 (Turkey)

  1. Algiers: centre of the Ottoman authority in the Maghreb
  2. Official language: Turkish

Colonialism (19th century)

  1. 1830: French invasion and colonisation. Exile of Hussein Dey
  2. Rebellion (Abdel Kadir)
  3. Elimination of the traditional leaders
  4. French Introduction

War of the Algerian Independence (1954-1962)

  1. National Liberation Front
  2. Estimated deaths: 350,000 - 1 million Algerians
  3. Exile of Pieds-Noirs (European residents in Algeria)

Independence of Algeria

  1. July 1962: France declares Algeria independent
  2. 1963: constitution adopted by referendum
  3. Ahmed Ben Bella, first president
  4. On June 19, 1965, Houari Boumédienne deposed Ahmed Ben Bella in a military coup
  5. Dissolution of the National Assembly and suspension of the 1963 constitution.
  6. Council of the Revolution (military)
  7. Socialist economy
  8. 1978: death of Boumedienne, fight within the National Liberation Front to choose a successor.
  9. Colonel Chadli Bendjedid
  10. 1989: new constitution
  11. Front of Islamic Salvation (FIS)
  12. December 26, 1991 - February 8, 2002: Civil war in Algeria
  13. Between 44,000 and 100,000 dead

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