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Doing Business in Oran (Algeria), Master in Foreign Trade

Oran («the jubilant») is the second Algerian city (Maghreb), after the capital Algiers

  1. Population of Oran: 1,5 million inhabitants
    1. Agglomeration of Oran: 3,5 million inhabitants
    2. 2008: 0.8 million
  2. Oran is an important commercial, industrial and cultural centre of Algeria
  3. Headquarters of Sonatrach, the largest Algerian oil and gas company
  4. Oued Tlelat: car manufacturing (Renault)
  5. Important petrochemical industry
  6. Agro-food and textile industries
  7. City of Arzew (industrial zone): ammonia factory
  8. Béthioua: LNG production
  9. City of Bir el-Djir: headquarters of the Satellite Development Centre and the National Centre for Research in Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies

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Transport and Logistics in Oran - Algeria

  1. Port of Oran
  2. Arzew: oil and gas port
  3. Es-Senia International Airport
  4. Distances from Oran to Algiers: 432 kilometres

Wilayas (regions) of Algeria (source: Open Maps)

  1. Algeria:
    1. الجزائر العاصمة in Arabic
    2. ⴷⵣⴰⵢⴻⵔ in Tifinagh
  2. Wilaya (region of Algeria): Oran
    1. The capital of the Oran wilaya is Oran
  3. Algerian District: Oran
  4. Climate: semi-arid and Mediterranean
  5. Oran is in the north-west of Algeria (Gulf of Oran, Mediterranean Sea)
  6. The districts of Oran are El Hamri, Hai Imam El-Houari, Es-Saada, Al-Maqarri, El-Hamri, El-Badr, Es-Seddikia, El-Menzeh, El-Emir, El-Othmania, Bouamama and Muhieddine
  7. Oran is the capital of the Algerian rai (music)
  8. 903: foundation of Oran by Andalusian Moorish merchants (History of Algeria)
  9. Spanish period: 1509-1708, 1732-1792
  10. Ahmend Zabana National Museum
  11. Oran Moudjahid Museum

Higher Education in Oran

  1. University of Oran - Ahmed Ben Bella
  2. University Mohamed Boudiaf of Science and Technology of Oran
  3. University of Oran 2 - Mohamed Ben Ahmed


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