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History of Angola (Bantu migrations)

Kingdoms of Ndongo, Kongo, Lunda, slave trade (Angolan History)

History of Angola (Central Africa)

  1. The Khoïsan (hunter-gatherers) were the first inhabitants of the region
  2. Second millennium: Bantu migrations (farmers and hunters) from the north (metallurgy, agriculture)
  3. 14th - 17th centuries:
    1. Kingdom of Kongo:
      1. To the north-west of Angola and a part of the DR Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Gabon
      2. Capital: M'Banza Kongo
    2. Kingdom of Ndongo (north-west of present-day Angola)
    3. Kingdom of Lunda
  4. 15th century: the arrival of the Portuguese (Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão)
  5. Through the Kingdoms of the Congo, Ndongo and Matamba, Luanda develops a Slave Trade destined to Portugal, Brazil and Central America, which bases its economic base.
  6. 1641 - 1648: The Dutch occupy Angola
  7. 1906: only 5% - 6% of the Angolan territories could be considered as “effectively colonised”
  8. 1975: Independence (Portugal)
  9. Creation of the People's Republic of Angola (communist)
  10. Head of State: Agostinho Neto
  11. 1975-2002: 25 years of civil war, 1 million Angolans killed
  12. 1979: José Eduardo dos Santos

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