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Doing Business in Luanda (Angola)

Foreign Trade and Business in Luanda (Angola, Central Africa), Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

Luanda is the economic, financial, political and administrative capital of Angola (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Luanda: 8.3 million of Luandan (the largest city of Angola)
    1. Approximately one-third of Angolans live in Luanda, 53% of whom live in poverty.
    2. 1975: 600,000 Luandan
    3. 2008: 5 million of Luandan
  2. The leading industries in Luanda are the agricultural products transformation, beverage production, textiles, cement, car assembly factories (Volkswagen factory), construction materials, plastics, metallurgy, tobacco and Footwear
  3. Angolan main companies are based in Luanda (Angola Telecom, Unitel, Sonangol)
  4. Offshore oil fields (Sonangol)
  5. Construction Boom
  6. Luanda is one of the most expensive cities in the world for the foreign residents
  7. The Brazilian company Odebrecht has its Angolan headquarters in Luanda

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Business in Angola, Port of Luanda. Diamonds, Isabel do Santos (Foreign Trade) Angola - Luanda

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Angola from Luanda: Business, Master)

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Isabel dos Santos: the richest African woman

Isabel dos Santos: the richest woman of Africa


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Luanda is north-west Angola, on the Atlantic Ocean coast

Foreign Trade and Business in Angola (Doctorate)

Angolan Province: Luanda (capital)

  1. Climate of Luanda: tropical dry
  2. The main ethnicities in Luanda are Bantu (Ovimbundu, Ambundu, Bakongo)
  3. The most spoken languages in Luanda are Portuguese, Kimbundu, Kikongo and Umbundu
  4. The main religion in Luanda is Christianity
  5. Urban districts of Luanda: Ingombota, Kilamba Kiaxi, Maïanga, Rangel, Samba and Sambizanga
  6. The municipalities of Luanda province are Cacuaco, Cazenga, Belas, Icolo and Bengo, Quiçama, Rangel, Samba, Sambizanga and Viana

Other Angolan cities: Huambo, Benguela, Kuito, Cabinda, Lubango

Transport and Logistics in Luanda - Angola

Maritime Transportation Course: Port of Luanda (Angola)

  1. The Port of Luanda (Oil export, coffee, iron) is the largest Angolan port
    1. Access to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Lubumbashi)
  2. Luanda- Malanje Railway
  3. Quatro of Fevereiro Airport
  4. Access to the Lobito Corridor

History of Angola (Luanda)

  1. 1576: foundation of São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda by the Portuguese (Paulo Dias de Novais)
  2. 1627: capital of the Angolan colony
  3. 1550 - 1580: Luanda was an important centre of the triangular Slave Trade with Brazil
  4. Slavery National Museum

Higher Education in Luanda (Angola)

  1. University Agostinho Neto
  2. Catholic University of Angola
  3. Methodist University of Angola
  4. University Jean Piaget of Angola
  5. Lusophone University of Angola
  6. Lusíada University of Angola
  7. School of Business of Angola
  8. Private University of Angola

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